The life of a Corgi

The life of a Corgi
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Little Angel

I don't think I will ever see a Puppy as cute as this again. Take a look...

The Angel

Photos from the past

So I happened to be clearing out my computer the other day and came accros photos of when my Blue Merle Cardigan corgi was first born. I am acqainted with other Cardigan and Pembroke owners who have blogs, and thus decided to begin my own.

My mother and I had set out in 2007 to find a playmate for my then two year old liver-nose Rhodesian Ridgeback. My mother and I both knew that we didn't want another large dog, having owned and bred Rhodesian Ridgebacks for ten years, but were rather clueless about which breed would fit perfectly into our family and more importantly our Ridgeback would get along with. One afternoon my mum mentioned a Corgi; I thought instantly of the Pembroke, which to be honest I didn't particularly like at the time. My mum then showed me photos of a website called 'Mandene Corgis'. That was the moment I fell in love with the Cardigan welsh Corgi.

We contacted the breeder, Julene and enquired into the possiblity of purchasing one of her puppies, that had been born late 2006 and would be available for purchase early 2007. To our disappointment all of the pups had been spoken for. The sooner we got a Corgi pup the better, so we searched with other breeders, but none were willing to sell us a Show qaulity female, in particular a Blue Merle because the colour was one of much value and prized among breeders.

Mid 2009 my mother received a call from Julene at Mandene Corgi's, that a litter of 13 healthy puppies had been delivered earlier that week and we had first preference for a pup as we had been on the waiting list for nearly two years. Julene sent us photos of all the puppies, three blue merle girls, 3 blue merle boys, 3 black and white (One with brindle points) boys and 4 black and white girls.

We really were interested in buying a Blue Merle female, and there were three to choose from. Our little angel, 'Mab' was the pup we choose. One of the larger of the puppies, she was the palest and had the most grey in her coat. Her face was pure white and so small!

Here are some photos...

The Blue boys

Black and white boys
All Blue Merle puppies